Monday, 20 February 2017

The Guidelines of Sending Corporate Holiday Cards With Logo

Corporate holiday cards with logo are a great tool for maintaining a human touch in business relations. If done right, these ecards can not only serve the purpose of developing or strengthening business relations but also promote your business within your clients. However, there a certain set of guidelines that an organization needs to follow while sending out ecards. Here’s a quick overview of all the do’s and don’ts.


There should be a suitable reason for sending out the corporate holiday cards with logo. For example, it might be a client’s or a business partner’s birthday, on festive seasons, for sending out a word about your upcoming promotional event, etc. Never send out ecards without a purpose as that might come off as a bit pushy.

Know Your Audience

This is true for any business communications activity. It is crucial to know your audience so that you don’t end up sending them anything inappropriate or something that they might not like. In order to connect with them and develop strong business bonds, you need to know the basics about your target audience and send out greetings that are exactly relevant to them. For, example, you wouldn’t want to send out electronic holiday cards to a group of you clients who don’t celebrate the particular festival to well.

Send Ecards with a Longer Shelf Life

To increase the value of your ecards, what you should do is send out ecards that will be relevant for a longer period of time. Instead of sending out ecards for events that are not that important or only last for a day or two, send out ecards that are meant for longer and more important holidays like Christmas or new year electronic holiday cards. The only exception to this rule is on a client’s birthday or important life event, in which case you should definitely send ecards with greetings irrespective of their short shelf life.

Design and Usability

The best thing about ecards is that you can actually use them to promote your business while wishing your clients for an event. Concentrate on the design if your ecards, customize it to include a little something about your business in it. You can also put your company’s logo in the ecards, so as to maintain your brand image. Ecards have a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing, so use it well for your advantage.

Here are the simple rules that should follow when you send out ecards to get the maximum out of their use. Spread the warmth of the season with electronic holiday cards.

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